Interaction, humor and stillness. Bronze statues that move or cheer. Man figures with the distinctive long legs and the green or red-brown patina. Cher Mattijssen (Delft 1961) has its own, often moving style.

Cher is fascinated by wax, usually without a real preconceived plan. She's looking for a person or animal with a story and a personality. All working, for example, the Chattering ladies, the Girl with new shoes and the Dachshund on the far too high chair arise.
With assignments, she works planically. The contact in advance with the client is important. It is the reason for the assignment is a source of inspiration for Cher and the basis for a successful design.

After studying with artist Jaap Hartman, Cher continued to get on. Since 2006 she has been making bronze statues, free and commissioned. She exhibits at leading galleries and at fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Her work now finds a new home far beyond the country's borders.

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